Friday, February 25, 2011

Trick 'Em Into Getting Involved (aka Cat Bowling)

Like a cat focused on a laser, there are students who are focused on ONE thing:  music, comics, cars, getting into the best school, making the football team, etc.  Their passion is so strong that it may be challenging to get them to want to try something new in order to participate in your group's service-learning project.

It's up to you, the savvy facilitator, to find a way for these students to recognize their place and value in the project.  Get the student obsessed with music to write a song promoting your water conservation project.  A sports fanatic could create a game to help young elementary students develop reading skills.  A student with an after-school job could share his expertise in customer service and dealing with the public to help build community within your group.

Find a part for each student to play.  Before they know it, they'll be 'bowling' right along with the group.

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